Our Story

We're brothers who wanted to gift our mother the perfect pair of shoes.

Having just finished school we wanted to thank our mother, who had worked labour intensive jobs her whole life to support us. Hearing her always complaining about her feet, we decided a nice pair of shoes would be an awesome gift. Or so we thought.


We searched all over the internet and found 3 types of shoes

  1. Comfortable and Stylish but Expensive
  2. Comfortable and Affordable but Ugly
  3. Stylish and Affordable but Painful


Every shoe available had a drawback, and there was no one addressing this problem.  So we decided to set out and create the perfect shoe that our mother, and all women deserve. Our goal is to offer shoes with arch support, wide fitting, narrow fitting, large sizes and small sizes. All in beautiful designs that you would be proud to wear


Thank you for your support.


Kevin & Daniel

Co-founders, Empress Shoes



All Empress Shoes have to encompass these four qualities:


Comfortable and functional. It doesn't matter what style it is, it needs to feel good.

How we did it: Extra cushion, wider toe areas on all our shoes. We spend months testing our shoes - If it's not comfortable in the real world, we don't release it.


Affordable. Cost at least 50% less than other shoes of equal quality.

How we did it: Offering shoes online only, allows us to cut out expensive middleman costs


Flattering. We aim for "can't wait to show my friends" level of beautiful

How we did it: We get feedback from the community as we're designing the next release to make sure it is what you want and not our designers.


High Quality. Made to last a very long time

How we did it: Extensive testing of craftsmanship and materials